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is to help each individual obtain nutritional balance based on their unique needs.

About 160 million Americans take dietary supplements. Most don’t know which vitamins or minerals they need or why.

Nutritional Balance Consuming the right amounts of macronutrients and micronutrients without exceeding caloric needs.
Today, it’s challenging to consume all of the vitamins and minerals your body needs. With our busy lifestyles and different diets, almost everyone’s diet is a little off-balance. Nutricco’s goal is to help individuals tip the scales according to their needs. Instead of taking a multivitamin, which dumps numerous and unnecessary vitamins and minerals into your body, Nutricco ensures that you are just taking the specific supplements you need, whether that’s iron, calcium, Vitamin B12 or a combination of supplements.
Our Story

After years working in the pharmaceutical and supplements industries, the founders realized that the market is broken. More and more supplements are making their ways onto store shelves and being dumped into consumers’ bodies, but people aren’t getting healthier. Instead, needed micronutrients are clashing and not being absorbed, while others are being consumed in excess. This uncontrolled consumption can be a waste of money, and in some cases, a danger to one’s health.

For this reason, the founders set out to start a company that would empower consumers to make smarter decisions about what they are consuming and ensure that they safely taking needed supplements. The solution is Nutricco. Through an app that allows users to track their diet and input their own personal information, and a proprietary algorithm that compares the data to nutritional recommendations, Nutricco assesses what each person requires to obtain a nutritional balance. Nutricco can then make smart recommendations to users to alter their diet and provide specific supplements through an at-home dispenser.

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