At Home

Nutricco ensures patients take their medications on time. Every time.

Why Nutricco?

Nutricco makes complex pharmaceutical regiments simple.

Medical non-adherence is a leading cause in recurring medical issues for patients. Many patients want to comply, but are forgetful or may be confused by a complex regiment. With Nutricco, patients can easily follow their regiments, no matter how complex. Doctors can track compliance and prescribe refills as needed, ensuring patients never have to worry about running out of their medication.

The Dispenser

The smart at-home dispenser takes care of everything.


Easy to use

Simply scan and pour pills
to start dispensing



Each family member gets
whatever they need


Supports all pill types

Whatever your needs, any
pill can be inserted into the

Doctors prescribe a pharmaceutical regiment via a smart-phone app.

The regiment includes which medications need to be taken at which times.


Setup the at-home dispenser

Medication is inserted into the smart dispenser by a family member or caregiver.

Patients receive the medications they need when they need them

Patients receive reminders and simply receive their medication by pressing their profile on the dispenser.


Doctors receive compliance reports

Doctors or family members can receive detailed reports with which medications were taken and when.

Automatic refill requests

When a pill is running low, doctors are automatically notified and can prescribe a refill.


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