Your Daily Dose of Health

Every individual is different – the nutrients you need are unique to you. Track your diet and Nutricco will dispense a daily optimal combination of nutrients from our at-home smart dispenser.

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Why Nutricco?

Maintaining a healthy nutritional balance is vital to your health, but sticking to a healthy diet is not always easy.
Based on your nutritional habits, Nutricco not only recommends a food plan tailored to you, but also provides a personalized optimal combination of supplements from the Smart Dispenser.
With its advanced machine-learning algorithm, Nutricco also predicts your future nutritional needs, guaranteeing that you will always have the right supply.
Nutricco ensures you and your loved ones receive the essential nutrients your bodies need, in a simple and convenient way.
The Nutricco Solution
Maintain a healthy nutritional balance
in 3 simple steps




Track your daily nutritional balance

Calculate your nutritional gap and get personalized recommendations

Recieve nutrients supplied directly from the Smart Dispensing Machine

Meet the nutritional needs of you and your loved ones through science and technology

Main advantages:

  • Better Wellness
  • Simple, safe and convenient
  • Smart recommendation system
  • Maximize supplements' positive effect
  • Automatic re-order of nutrient supply
  • Multi-user supplement regimen
Nutricco’s Smart Dispensing Machine
Meet the world’s first all-in-one home supplement dispenser.
  • Patent pending
  • Wi-Fi connected
  • Compliant and adherent
  • Child resistant
Plug & Play
Multi User management
Original bottles
The Nutricco Team

Leonid Pirogovsky

Co Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Leonid has over 11 years of experience in commercial and operational management in global companies and startups. BSc in Industrial Engineering & Management and an MBA from Ben Gurion University in Israel.

George Svokos

Chief Commercial Officer

A global pharmaceutical executive with over 30 years of successfully leading multi-national teams for Teva Pharmaceuticals and AMRI..  George held many operational and commercial positions in the past including Chief Operating Office of AMRI and VP of Commercial Operations at Teva API.  He has a BS from Columbia University and an MBA from the University of Missouri.

Dr. Jenny Safran Naimark

Chief Science Officer

Jenny has held a wide range of clinical and marketing executive roles in Pharma and medical device companies in addition to academic research and lecturing positions. PhD in Nutrition Science from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. BSc and MSc in Life Science, Tel Aviv University.

Daniel Lazdin

Chief Technology Officer

Daniel is a visionary, a technologist and an experienced CTO with over a decade of successfully managing development teams and technological projects on a global scale. BSc in Computer Science and an MBA in marketing.

Investor and advisory board: Mr. Erez Israeli

Serial Investor with global executive with over 25 years of experience, including President and CEO of Enzymotec, President and CEO of Growth Markets at Teva Pharmaceuticals and many other executive positions.