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Nutricco helps you achieve nutritional balance based on your unique needs. Track your diet, and Nutricco will provide you an optimal combination of dietary supplements from your at-home smart dispenser.


Understand your unique needs

Track your diet, physical activities
and other data in
Nutricco’s app


Get personalized recommendations

The Nutricco algorithm gives
smart recommendations for
adjusting your diet


Achieve nutritional balance

Can’t follow all the
recommendations? No problem!
Your at-home dispenser has it all.


Maintaining nutritional balance is vital, but sticking to a healthy diet is not always easy.

Based on your nutritional habits, Nutricco not only recommends a food plan tailored to you, but also provides a personalized optimal combination of dietary supplements from the Smart Dispenser. Nutricco’s advanced machine-learning algorithm also predicts your future nutritional needs, guaranteeing that you will always have the right supply.

The Science

"Maintaining a nutritional balance is challenging in today’s world. With our busy lifestyles and adherence to different diets, people are not getting the vitamins and minerals they need. Nutricco ensures you will be nutritionally balanced each and every day."

Dr. Jenny Safran Naimark, Chief Science Officer

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Recommendations are easy to follow

Nutricco understands that not all nutritional recommendations are simple or convenient to follow. Maybe you’re missing vitamin K, but you just hate kale. Then what?

That’s why Nutricco provides an at-home dispenser to ensure that no vitamin is out of reach. Once you receive your daily recommendations, you decide what to add to your diet. Everything else will be provided by Nutricco’s at-home vitamin dispenser. Can’t do kale? No problem. Your vitamin k supplement is a click away.

Learn more about the dispenser

Easy to use

Simply scan and pour pills
to start dispensing



Each family member gets
whatever they need


Supports all pill types

Whatever your needs, any
pill can be inserted into the

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